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Italian Hampers with handpicked produce.

Morellii Liqueurs

The original essence infused liqeurs

We have personally selected all the products that you see here and of course tasted them too! Feel free to browse the products below and then contact us to discuss your personalised hamper of delights.

Exquisite Appetisers | Truffle Delights | Infused Liqueurs | Perfect Pasta & Oilve Oil | Sweet Sensations | Pleasing Presents

Exquisite Appetisers Sensational flavours – start every meal with a surprise.

Try the Italian way and spend the whole evening in the kitchen with friends or family making dinner. Delight in your antipasti which Italians use to "tease" the palate and prepare you for the delectable goodies to follow. Our selection of antipasti has been handpicked on my travels. They are sure to get your taste buds going!

Cinta Senese Cinta Senese Approx 200g £12 - OUT OF STOCK
(marinated in olive oil with herbs and spices)
Roasted chine of pork marinated in olive oil is a real tradition in Tuscany, predominantly around the hills of Pisa. We have sourced this delicacy from a small farm that specialises in breeding pigs called Cinta Senese (an ancient black pig typical of the area around Siena). Today these pigs are kept in their natural habitats in the woods around Cecina. Great as a starter served with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes.
Dwarf Peaches Dwarf Peaches 180g : £6.00
Dwarf peaches have a unique texture and taste. When combined with shaved black truffle they are truly a treat. Serve them on a cheese platter, chop and sprinkle them over a salad, add them to a tomato passata and enjoy. A sensational alternative to olives.
Classic and varied Italian Sauces
Classic and varied Italian Sauces 130g : £3.50
We have a selected range of sauces to create the perfect pasta dish. A Classic Pesto with a lovely fresh taste. A hot chilli sauce to give a fiery kick. Plus a slightly different Walnut sauce, delicate and tasty. All are delicious. Warming Walnut sauce, delicate and tasty, summer special of Artichoke pesto and green olive pesto. All worth a try.
Colombana Jelly Colombana Jelly 60g : £3.50
Made with Colombana grapes, this very traditional Tuscan delicacy comes from a grape that grows only in and around Pisa. Its very sweet taste complements Tuscan cheeses, as the main flavour of this grape is particularly intense, original and memorable.
Dried Porcini Mushroom Dried Porcini Mushroom 50g: £5.95
Porcini Mushroom flavours are enhanced when the mushrooms are dried. Porcini mushrooms, like most wild mushrooms, can be substituted in any cooking recipe. The authentic flavour of the delicate porcini mushroom is especially popular in Italian cuisine. Try using it in risotto, pasta sauces, soups, casseroles, even add it to stuffing.

Truffle delights Italy's finest, freshest truffle products

Tuscany is abundant with regions where several types of delicate Truffles grow. The black variety is found mainly on the Apennines. The white variety comes from both the vicinity of San Giovanni d'Asso and the hills around Volterra. However, the most important area for them is San Miniato in central Italy. Known as ‘the capital of white truffles’, almost half the Italian production comes from these San Miniato Tuscan hills.

We are very passionate about bringing to the consumer the best truffles that can be found. We believe in our truffles totally. Whether for wholesale or private use, our clients will receive maximum enjoyment from this gastronomic unique experience.

Preserved Truffle Slices or Whole Truffles Preserved Truffle Slices or Whole Truffles
price depends on type of Truffle black or white and weight
Enjoy the pure taste of the noble fungus and refine your culinary preparations with delicate slices or whole pieces of truffles! Our truffles are preserved in salt water to retain their flavour. Kept simple is best, especially when whole truffles are just shaved over spaghetti for a delicious treat. They also enhance recipes for crostini, salads, meat and fish dishes – and are especially good over scrambled eggs. Let the truffle taste surprise you.
Truffle Honey Truffle Honey 40g : £6.95
This has to be my favourite honey of all times - a creative blend of sweet Italian honey with thin pieces of exquisite truffle. Inside the jar the play of flavours between honey and truffles becomes more delicate and, together with cheese, evokes a subtle and sensational culinary delight. For the more eccentric, do try a little on your scrambled egg.
Truffle Oil Truffle Oil – Supreme Reserve
Premium quality organic extra virgin olive oil, enhanced with a pure natural truffle flavour, is an especially delicate taste. Truffle oil is very subtle, not to be diminished in cooking, but rather drizzled on top of savoury hot dishes once finished. Whether for your main course or salads, remember a few drops are enough to award you an extraordinary taste.
Truffle Balsamic Vinegar Oil Truffle Oil with Balsamic vinegar 55ml : £11
Premium quality organic extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar, enhanced with a pure natural truffle flavour. Truffle oil and vinegar is wonderful on a basic mixed salad, remember a few drops are enough to award you an extraordinary taste. Perfect also for dipping some rustic Italian bread in.
Truffle Salt Truffle Salt 100g : £6.95
This highly aromatic sea salt ('Fior di Sale' in Italian) is enhanced with fine summer truffle pieces, giving your food a pleasantly intense taste. Its heightened flavour adds the perfect finishing touch to every dish – only to be used at the end of preparation to maintain its delicate truffle flavour. It can be tried with Popcorn if you're brave!
Pasta with Truffle Tagliolini Pasta with Truffle 250g : £5.95
This pasta made with durham wheat and semolina has hints of summer truffle flavours. It can be cooked and eaten simply with a little butter or accompanied with the truffle sauce for pure luxury.
Truffle Gatherers' Sauce White Sauce 90g : £5.95
White Sauce - description to follow :)

Infused Liqueurs Morelli liqueurs – the original and still the best

Our Liqueurs which includes the forever popular Limoncello are specially selected from a family run business in Tuscany. The grandfather Leonello Morelli turned his passion into a real profession in 1911. As the owner of a small bar, Leonello created infused liqueurs by mixing extracts and essences, then offering them to his customers to try. These incredible unique liqueurs spread throughout Pisa and now further afield, becoming an instant success, synonymous with quality and authenticity. Hard work and attention to detail is noticeable in all their goods! It's a pleasure to know and work with them, nothing is a problem and always on hand to help.

Grappa Invechiata 98 (Aged Grappa) Grappa Invechiata 98 (Aged Grappa) 70cl | 40% vol : £25.00
Grappa is a strong, almost brandy-like drink made from grape skins, stems and seeds left over after pressing the grapes for wine, then aged for a minimum of 12 months, 6 months being in wood vats. Our grappa is a beautiful amber colour, light in texture and smooth in flavour. Perfect after your meals, renowned to Italians as either a digestif or a pleasurable drink.
Spirito di Ciliagia (Cherry Liqueur) Spirito di Ciliagia (Cherry Liqueur) 70cl | 25% vol : £19.00
Made only with Tuscan cherries, this liqueur is an alternative to Amaretto or Vin Santo. Its sweet cherry taste has the slight, tangy flavour of grappa and is an excellent match for any array of Italian desserts, even excellent with tasty biscuits.
Spirito di Cafe (Coffee Liqueur) Spirito di Cafe (Coffee Liqueur) 70cl | 25% vol : £19.00
Another wonderful liqueur - here the strong taste of coffee combines with the smooth taste of grappa. Lovely after a memorable meal. Follow the Tuscan way and put a few drops in your espresso coffee (or be indulgent and pour a little over vanilla ice-cream!)
Limoncino Limoncino 32% vol
Also known as Limoncello in Southern Italy, this premier Limoncino combines the intense smell and taste of lemons with pungent grappa. Made from natural lemon rinds, handpicked and hand peeled, to please your palette it’s best kept chilled at all times.
Arancino Arancino 32% vol
A liqueur or digestif similar to premier Limoncino - now made from orange rinds. With the intense and harmonious smell and taste of oranges, this totally untreated and natural drink is unique and superb.
Crema di Cioccolato (Chocolate Liqueur) Crema di Cioccolato (Chocolate Liqueur) 17% vol
A chocolate lover's delight, this liqueur tastes like you are drinking pure chocolate with the warmth of alcohol. Have it on ice cream, chocolate cake, sip and savour it or combine it with chocolates. Heavenly!

Perfect Pasta & Olive Oil Terra Di Luce – authentic Italian pasta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Tuscan Pisa hills, more than just a beautiful landscape, are renowned for numerous varieties of produce cultivated and developed by local farmers for generations. Terra di Luce products come from a consortium of farmers who believe in their methods and the natural gifts that come from their land.

Terra di Luce Pasta Terra di Luce Pasta 500g : all £2.50
Terra di Luce pasta is produced exclusively using Durum wheat harvested on the hills of Pisa, grown by local farmers. Only traditional Tuscan methods are used - specifically the pasta is shaped in bronze moulds before it is dried at a low temperature. Its texture and quality makes cooking very easy, and it tastes just perfect with butter and sage. If Italians say the pasta is good “even with just a little butter”, then the pasta is definitely good! This exquisite traditional pasta comes various shapes all at 500g.
Terra di Luce Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terra di Luce Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Produced only in a Frantoio which separates one’s grapes from others, Leccino and Moraiolo olives are grown in the hillside around Pisa, producing an extra virgin olive oil that has a fruity and distinctive aroma. Its particular qualities are best appreciated when used as a condiment. The olive oil has excellent antioxidant properties which also make it resistant to high temperatures, therefore ideal for cooking as well. Simply do as the Italians do and use it on everything! It is quite simply delicious. Tins only 1litre £13.95

Sweet Sensations Fattoria Casanova - Biscotti di Cantuccini and more – The finest Italian crunch

Passion for work, plus love and respect for their family traditions, are the foundations on which three lovely sisters established their business. A Tuscan inheritance from their grandmother’s exceptional cooking, the products of their Fattoria are the result of family commitment and loving care, both put into their baking.

The first time I entered this Fattoria (also their home), the glorious smells coming from everywhere overwhelmed me. So much time and effort is put into their biscuits and cakes, yet the temptation of three gluten-free products could not be resisted. Besides being an authentic delicious product, each one is irresistible. Definitely a wonderful gift for yourself and anyone you care for!

Brutti e Buoni (ugly and good) Brutti e Buoni (ugly and good) 250g : £5.95
Exactly what the name says “ugly and good” - because these biscuits are hand made and deliberately not formed into any particular shape. They are absolutely delicious, also gluten-free, and a true Tuscan delight. Made only from hazelnuts with no added flour, they are perfect with coffee, tea or an after dinner dessert wine.
Delizie di Meri Delizie di Meri 250g : £5.95
Delizie meaning delights, and that they are - delightful and delicious biscuits. Soft and crumbly in texture with a lovely taste of almonds, sprinkled all over with icing sugar. A wonderful gift and perfect accompaniment with any afternoon drink, whether tea, coffee or even hot chocolate.
Ameretti Ameretti 250g : £5.95
Meaning “little bitter things” in Italian, amaretti are usually small almond biscuits, but our Fattoria makes them slightly bigger. Made with almonds only they are light and airy, crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Delicious as an after-dinner treat with sweet wine or cherry liqueur. Be extravagant – instead of sponge fingers in trifles and tiramisu try our ameretti biscuits, also grind them up for cakes and desserts. A more than wonderful gift to take to your next dinner party.
Biscotti Cantucci Cacao Biscotti Cantucci Cacao 250g : £5.95
For another special treat we have classic biscotti with chocolate in them. Regular biscotti are harder than our own biscuits, as they are first cooked, then taken out to cool and cut into shapes, then put back into the oven. This makes them harder and crunchier. Instead our biscotti are intended to be dipped into a liqueur or hot drink to soften them up. Another perfect gift with a bottle of wine.

Pleasing presents A perfect gift – for someone special

These exclusive hand-made biscuits come in various other flavours. If you are interested in seeing further products please call me.

These gifts have been specially chosen to go in our Delights of Tuscany hampers but can also be bought separately if you really love them. You will find the custom-made cork bottle top in most of our hampers as a gift from Delights of Tuscany.

Spaghetti Measurer Spaghetti Measurer : £12.50
Designed exclusively for Delights of Tuscany by Roberta Campori.
This beautiful hand crafted and painted ceramic spaghetti measurer reflect the passion of Delights of Tuscany. Roberta Campori's work shop is in the famous Tuscan village of Vinci, right by the museum of Leonardo de Vinci. This wonderful unique gift is not just to be used to measure spaghetti but can liven up your kitchen by hanging on your wall to give your kitchen a rustic Italian feel.
Pot Pourri Pot Pourri : £18.00
The pot pourri comes from one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. It is one of the company's distinguishing products and is created by the Dominican Monks. A mix of herbs and flowers from the Florentine hills, left to macerate in Impruneta terracotta jars make this pot pourri just divine, The intense and delightful aroma stays with you for months.
Mouth Watering Chocolates Mouth Watering Chocolates
Made from dark chocolate and filled with various liqueurs such as; Limoncino, Arancino, Grappa Cru and Crema di Grappa. You will find nine in the large box and five in the small box. The square box is elegantly made with a terracotta plaque with the Morelli stamp of excellence making a wonderful chic gift combined with the Chocolate Liqueur and the very special Pot Pourri. Comes in a small box with five different chocolates and medium box with nine.